Transfer of Technology Contracts

Transfer of technology Contracts is consider one of the most important contracts in the current era. It is like the other contracts sales and construction contracts is a consensual contract for a valuable consideration creates mutual obligations between the parties and subject to the rules and the general provisions governing the rest of the consensual contract. However, the Transfer technology contract differs from other contracts was a compact whereby the supplier undertakes that the technology transfer for a valuable technical information to the importer of technology to be used in an artistic way that produce a particular commodity, development, installation or operation of machinery and equipment or to provide. Contracts for the exploitation of inventions, confidentiality agreements, license agreement and contracts for the knowledge are considers the most famous of the transfer of technology contracts. We at the International Center for Law and intellectual property and arbitration (ICLIPA) offering this service to our customers through our lawyers who have a long and tremendous experience in preparing and drafting the transfer technology contracts, which have a special nature, being one of the most important contracts and most dangerous in the modern era. The Egyptian Trade Law No. 17 of 1999 has spread a private section particular attention to those contracts, pointing to the importance and seriousness of those contracts and must. Therefore, It is necessary for the lawyers who preparing and drafting this kind of the contracts to have a good experience in order to provide their clients with a high quality service and safeguard their rights, as provided by our Centre to our customers with competitive prices.