Arbitration is the most important non-judicial means to resolve disputes; arbitration has seen a significant increase in Egypt in recent years and especially after the promulgation of Law No. 27 of 1994, as amended in 1997, Concerning Arbitration in Civil and Commercial Matters . The advantage of arbitration from other judicial means to easily and speed up adjudication procedures since the Article 45 of the Arbitration Law stipulated that in case no private provision in the concerned agreement by the parties for arbitration, the order of the Arbitration must be issued within 12 months from the date of commencement of arbitration proceedings ...... And the Arbitral Panel may increase the long-term, but not exceed of six months. In addition, if either party fails to attend the arbitration sessions after announcing, the arbitral Tribunal may issue its judgment according to the evidences and documents which have been submitted to it. Arbitration is also in the modern era one of the favorite ways to resolve disputes relating to trade, Intellectual Property and civil transaction. Therefore, we are taking into our consideration that when preparing and drafting the contracts or agreements on behalf of our clients to put the arbitration clause as a way to resolve disputes. The center also represented clients in all disputes relating to arbitration, as we have extensive experience in this field as international lawyers and arbitrators as well. Arbitrations list