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The international Center for Law& Intellectual Property and Arbitration (ICLIPA) is a full- services law firm recognized as one of the most reliable legal centers in Egypt. ICLIPA is qualified to provide a  high quality legal services in all legal matters to our client.

We have a qualified team of attorneys and legal Experts who are experts in all legal issues, procedures and legislations which contributes to offering comprehensive legal services to individuals,institutions,companies, businesses and firms .

  • Our firm features the presence of legal experts in all branches of law and is deployed across the country to meet all the requirements of its customers and provide exceptional service wherever they are.

  • Our firm represents many national and multinational companies; our legal advices cover all legal matters and activities in Egypt.

  • Our firm also maintains strong ties with the external lawyers and agents in most Arab   countries, some European countries and north and south America in order to be able to provide the best and the most convenient services to our clients as well as to follow-up their legal services and resolve their legal problems in local, national and international matters.Our goal is to acquire and consolidate the confidence of our customers.

  • ICLIPA also possesses a huge selection of specialist lawyers who are able to find unconventional solutions to resolve all disputes concerning customers in different branches of law, which made the center occupies a distinguished position among the major law firms. Deployed in Egypt, we started our business with a vision of satisfying our customers and not just serving them. Therefore we established a large network of the most professional law firms as well as specialized lawyers all over the world who offer best services everywhere.

  • We at ICLIPA have a concept which is “For us it is not enough to join the race, we have to be the best”.

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